What’s wrong with parents in this world?

Last night was like any other night. Did our nighttime routine with our son, Grayson. I was in his room rocking him to sleep and this isn’t the first time this has happened but as I’m rocking him, I’m staring at him crying. Thinking how can someone hurt a child, let alone their own. It really has taken over my mind since I read this horrible, most disgusting story I’ve ever read. I’m sure you all know what I’m talking about, that devil of a person, can’t call her a mom, a women, a girl nothing cause she is not worthy of those. I’d call her something that comes to mind but I will keep this clean for you mamas! Anyways this person, her messed up in the head husband and uncle from New Mexico that abuse their own sweet innocent baby girl.

Seriously how could someone do what they did to such an innocent precious gift from God? Why would you want to? Babies don’t cry to just cry, they cry cause they need something, maybe changed diaper, maybe fed, held, maybe tired or just want loved on.

Why would you not want to do that!!!! I just can’t stop asking all these why’s? WHY? WHY? WHY? But I guess if we knew why, we would be just as messed up as these sickos.

I freak out when I accidentally scratch my son or if he falls and starts to cry. I hate even hearing him cry. How can you purposely hurt your own child or just a child in general?

What brings a mother or anyone to do this and why are they picking children? Cause they can’t defend themselves? Cause they can’t say anything back to you… like STOP!!

Seriously this is all I’m seeing all over the news. Not only this girls story but just everyone abusing, or killing babies/kids! I had to unlike Nancy Grace’s facebook page because that is all you see and read on there. Even my husband said it was too much for him to read constantly. It’s even on our town news pages and channels, cause it’s even happening here in my little town. That I thought was so safe. It’s truly disgusting.

Why is this happening, we ALL need to stop and think and start helping in anyway possible to stop this. I think it starts from the home. Mother’s raise your kids with love and show them how to be to their babies when it’s their time. Don’t be the reason this may happen. If you are a single mother, don’t be out trying to find someone to father your babies. You can be all they need. Don’t bring men in and out of their lives, just for your sake to feel loved. Don’t put them in harms way. You always hear of “girls boyfriend was left alone with her kids and he killed them.” Sadly in this day and age you can not trust anyone. As sad as it is to say that, it is true. Your job is to protect them. They’re only babies/kids for so long.

If you are a mother that knows you can’t handle your child there is so many other great options out there. Adoption is a great one, because there are so many women out there that can’t conceive a baby and that’s all they want more then anything. And would love that baby not matter who it came from. Another one is that, Safe Haven, I now see a lot of those. Where you can just go drop off your baby with no questions asked. Or one of the best options is just practice safe sex. Protect yourselves if you don’t want the responsibility of being a mother/parent.

Seriously this isn’t a joke, having a baby isn’t all fun and giggles, it’s hard, tiring yet the most amazing and rewarding thing that you could ever experience! Babies are the most amazing gift God can bless us with.

I get so scared even thinking about sending my son or future kids out into this crazy, sick world. You can’t even trust the people you’re suppose to leave your kids with. Daycares! Because you see stories of them abusing babies/kids! Which is terrible cause these moms probably don’t want to leave their babies but have no other choice. So they have to put their trust in these daycare workers to care for their kids while they’re working to give their kids the best they deserve and then they get abused. I’m not saying every daycare is bad or every mother is like that obviously, just seems like more then not now days. My mom was a daycare provider and I’m not only saying this cause she is my mom. I’m sure the kids she babysat for could and would say the same as I’m going to now. That she was great for these kids, she didn’t have them plopped down in front of tv, had them playing outside, doing arts & crafts. To top it off she was a great cook and always had great meals breakfast, lunch and dinner. She would love and care for them like they were her own. And some of the kids she use to watch still come see her to this day. So the point I’m making is yes I know there are great daycares out there!

I just can not stand seeing all the sick stories of babies!! Can’t do it. Makes my heart hurt so bad but definitely let’s me be thankful for the mother who raised me and for the mother I am to my son and step son! They will never feel lonely, sad, hurt or abused ever, as long as I’m alive!

As mothers we are to be there to protect and love our babies. Be the voice they can’t be. So ladies let’s put a STOP to this. Babies don’t ask to be brought into this world and let alone abused.

So mama’s if another mama comes to you needing a break, help her. You never know the situation or what it might end up to be. And if you ever think or know of a baby or kids being abused, DO NOT HESITATE to do something about it. Be that voice for the baby who can’t stand up for themselves right now. Call someone.

If you are a mom in this situation, STOP! Go back to what I said about the options you can take, it’s never to late.

Mama’s lets pray and change the way this world is becoming for our kids sake. They are the ones that will be living in it long after we are gone!

11 thoughts on “What’s wrong with parents in this world?

    1. mommyatlast Post author

      I 100% AGREE!!! It’s haunted me since I read it and this weighed on my heart to write something like this. Who knows it might help someone. But yes I seriously hate it! If I could I would have a huge house and take all the babies I could and just love them! Take care girl and have a great day!

    1. mommyatlast Post author

      Thank you so much Heather. Exactly what I love to hear. Because with stuff like this, I do get really passionate about it. I’m glad it’s coming through to others how I want it to! Honestly thank you so much for commenting and having just kind words and understanding where it comes from! Truly means a lot, I appreciate it!

    1. mommyatlast Post author

      I know it!! Still can’t understand why but like I said if we knew all the whys we’d probably be just as messed up as they are! All we can do is pray for all the little sweeties out there, coming into this crazy world and just lend a helping hand or give advice if another mama needs it! Take care girl! 🙂

  1. Susannah

    Oh my goodness! It’s absolutely heartbreaking that some people can abuse, hurt, and even kill children. I’m with you – I don’t even know how it’s possible to do it!!!

    1. mommyatlast Post author

      I know it!!! It’s just disgusting and frustrates me to no other!! I’ll never understand.. hope this world gets better and definitely not worse!! Its sad!!


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