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What is better than celebrating a coming of a new sweet baby and a mom to be?  You’re right, Nothing!  This weekend we attended my niece, Alexandria’s, Baby Shower for baby Havyn.  My sister Trish hosted the shower.  The theme was Ducks and the color blue.

baby shower 36 baby shower 35 baby shower 34 baby shower 24 baby shower 25

Look how amazing my sister did with decorating and all the yummy food.  Food at that party was sandwiches, chips, cheese & crackers, and veggies.  Of course, you can’t forget all the yummy treats, cupcakes, cute blue jello cups with whip cream on top, and a little duck and cake!

As for games Alli’s friend Allison was in charge of them.  They were so much fun!  The first game was to take toilet paper and have a partner and make a diaper out of the toilet paper on your partner.

baby shower 4 baby shower 1 baby shower 5 baby shower 30 baby shower 29.

Guess who the winners were…That’s right, My sister Vicky and I!

The second game was to guess what kind of candy bars were inside of diapers.  I got 3 out of 4 right!

baby shower 33

The third game was to taste baby food and try and guess what kind it was.  I didn’t do it cause it was my turn with chasing baby duty!  Lol.  Travis, my husband did it and he got all but one right.  He loves the taste of baby food.  Haha!

Next, she opened all her gifts from everyone and she got so many great things.  Baby Havyn is definitely spoiled without a doubt.

baby shower 17

baby shower 20 baby shower 18 baby shower 19

Grayson had such a fun time.  His day consisted of running, well not really running, but exploring the whole room and everyone.  He loves being around so many babies and kids.  He loved hanging out with his cousins.

baby shower 3

baby shower 2 baby shower 31

baby shower 11

baby shower 12

baby shower 10

He absolutely loves his cousin Alli and was giving her so many kisses and love.

baby shower 9

baby shower 27

He looked so stinkin cute in his romper from Camdy Pants, his Jordan’s, a beanie, and Aviators.

model pic1

model pic2

model pic

As for Saturday night, we went to my mom and dad’s Christian Center.  Grayson always has a blast when he’s there.

center 7

center 6

center 5

He loves his Nana and Tata!

center 4 center 8

Dancing with his Nana to some Christian music.

center 10 center 9 center 3 center 2

My mom’s center, that she owns, is called The Bayard Christian Center.  It is for all ages of kids, teens, and adults to have a place to hang out.  There are pool tables, a foos ball table, an air hockey table, video games, a basketball hoop, and craft and game area.  Drama free and a christian atmosphere.

center 1 center

The night we went she didn’t have as many kids because it was their prom night!  She usually opens up Friday and Saturday nights, but during the summer when they don’t have school, her and my dad can be there everyday.

My mom has had this Christian Center since I was home and in school.  It is such an awesome place for everyone to hang out and to learn about God on Youth Group Nights!

Sunday was such a dreary, rainy day, so we stayed inside and did some sensory fun.

pasta pasta1

I boiled some spaghetti noodles with some oil to help the food coloring stick.  Then, I separated noodles in four different cups and added the food coloring.  I let it cool and then put it on a tray and let Grayson have at it.




We had such a busy yet fun weekend! What did you do fun this past weekend? What sensory fun do you do with your littles? 



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  1. Shann Eva

    Such a fun idea! Those sensory noodles are awesome. I loved seeing all the baby shower pictures. Such a cute theme! Looks like lots of fun with Grandma and Grandpa too.

    1. mommyatlast Post author

      Thank you girl! And yes you should definitely try them for your littles, he absolutely loved it. Surprisingly didn’t try eating them either. Lol! It really was an awesome weekend for sure!
      Take care and God bless,


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