Teddy Bear Clinic & a Birthday Party

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We were so excited for this past weekend.  Our zoo was having a Teddy Bear Clinic.  This event was for children of all ages.  It let the kids learn what it means to get a medical checkup.  They had a chance to assess the health of their stuffed animals eyes, ears, and even give them a band-aid.  There were different stations set up through out the zoo, which also made it perfect to see the animals along the way.  UNMC students were the ones doing the assessments at the stations.  They were absolutely great with Grayson and all the other children.

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We went with Grayson’s cousin Avi Jade, Aunt Vicky, and Uncle Cesar.

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This was Grayson’s second time going to the zoo, but this time he was old enough to react to seeing the animals and all stuff going on.  He was all smiles and intrigued by seeing animals and all the kids running around.

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At the end, he and his cousin even played in the play area, went down the slide together, and played in the sand.

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Afterwards we all went out to eat at our favorite chinese restaurant, The Wonderful House.  It definitely hit the spot.

Then from there we had a birthday party for my friends son, Jackson, who was turning 4!  So, we headed straight there to the park.  Grayson was so excited to see all the kids and my friend Kayla. He absolutely loves her.  He enjoyed playing with my friend Stevie’s kids.  She has three stinkin adorable kids.  Twins close to Grayson’s age, just a little older, and another that is three years old.  They played so well together.  As for this mama, it was so nice being able to hang out with three of my friends.  Now that we’re all mama’s, life can get crazy busy, we don’t get to see each other as much as we did before, so this was so fun and definitely needed.

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Some words of advice that I learned this weekend…No matter how young your baby is, if there’s something fun going on for kids, GO!  Go have fun.  It’s good for your baby to get familiar with doing stuff like that.  Because Travis and I were talking about it, we were having to talk for Grayson at the stations but he absolutely loved watching them work on his Mickey.  Might not have known what was going on but could tell he was loving it.

And also, no matter how busy or crazy life gets make time to be there for your friends.  It’s good for all of you.  Us mama’s need that girl time, even if it’s with the kids too.  Nothing wrong with that.

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We had a great weekend! What did you do this past weekend? How often do you see you’re friends? 

4 thoughts on “Teddy Bear Clinic & a Birthday Party

  1. Shann Eva

    Awe. Looks like a fun weekend for babies and mommas! That’s awesome! My little ones love the zoo, and parks too. It’s always a bonus if we can go with friends.

    1. mommyatlast Post author

      Absolutely it was so much fun! I was happy our zoo had something like that. They seem to always do fun stuff for the kids. Which is awesome cause we live in a smaller town so not much options for activities for kids.
      Take care and God bless!


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