Kids are Beautiful BUT Hardwork

Having kids is the most beautiful thing in the world, and I thank God he blessed me with the best gift I could ever receive.  But, can we be real with each other for a few, dang it’s hardwork having kids.  It’s always pictures of adorable sleeping babies (can’t blame them sleeping babies are the cutest)

and moms with a full face of makeup and hair did!

Umm, am I missing something here, cause, I’m sitting here in my robe with my 2 day old hair up in a mom bun, no makeup, chugging coffee, and watching my son destroy the house I just spent 2 hours cleaning.

I know on social media, you mainly post the good, happy things in life, cause get real, who is going to stop in the middle of chaos and snap a selfie!  Honestly though, I think we should post more realistic posts.  Motherhood definitely has it’s hard times, and yes of course amazing, beautiful moments to cherish.  But, some days I think I may have no hair by the end of the day.  Some days, I feel like just leaving the house a total disaster.  Who’s with me?  Some days I’m so exhausted.  Some days my patience is being tested by a little boy who can barely talk.

We clean one room and move to the next, meanwhile, your child is right behind just destroying it.  Trying to catch up on dishes, but your child wants a snack, a bowl of cereal, wait, no some juice, hold up, some pizza with that, and then BOOM, the pile of dishes starts forming again.

You have to go number #2 but your child/children is hanging on your robe for dear life, cause he doesn’t want you to go 2 feet away from him, and he starts crying and running around, then he gets hurt, so you have to cater to his/her all while you have to use the restroom.

You get him settled watching cartoons with a treat and sneak off to use the restroom.  Then you hear running down the hall and peek a boo there he is.  Wants in, rolls out a whole new roll of toilet paper, tries to get in the shower, wants to play with the trash, and get in the cabinets.  Phew.  The Struggle is Real!!  Am I right?  Or am I right mama’s?

Time for a nap.  Wait, what’s a nap?  They want more to drink, they want to play, thy’re not tired (as their yawning).  This is where the, why I don’t think I’ll have hair by the end of the day comes in.

Finally nap time.

Do I clean this mess up that will become the same way after he wakes up?  Do I work out?  Do I prep for dinner?  Do I take a shower?  Sometimes yes, you have to do those but more times then not, nope I want to sit on the couch, TV on, coffee in one hand and phone in the other, and not get up for nothing until he wakes up.  He wakes up then you are rushing to figure out and prep dinner but he wants you to hold him so he’s tugging at your robe, whining.

So what do you do?  Grab a bag of chips, go sit on the couch with him and watch cartoons, and wait for dad to cook dinner.   Dad gets home and you give the look like tag you’re it!!  Hahaha!

But ladies, let’s throw it out there, lay down on the couch while your child/children are napping, it’s ok!  Leave your house a mess once in awhile, it’s ok!  Let your child/children make a mess (if it’s with toys and not being distructive) they’re just being kids.  Let them be kids.  It’s ok for us momma’s to say this is hard.  It’s ok to say my child has been naughty today.  Does not make you a bad parent.  We all can relate.  It’s ok to post on social media that “my house is a total mess and I’m still in my robe and my child is running around in his diaper”.  But, you know what, the house can always be picked up whenever.  Your child/children are only little once.  Let’s enjoy them and let them enjoy life.  I know it can be hard some days, but step back, take a deep breath.

We as mom’s should not place judgement on other mom’s.

Let’s encourage, uplift, and help other mom’s. We are all part of this crazy, yet most rewarding thing called motherhood!

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