Infertility Journey: Part 3/ Final- Finding out we were PREGNANT!!

It was Friday August 29th, 2014. Yes I remember the day and all!! Anywho hubby and I were just home relaxing, laying on the couch, watching TV and piggin out on junk food. All of a sudden I started getting real sharp pains and we kind of chalked it up to cyst pains cause I always had to deal with them. We thought one was getting ready to rupture (has happen to me before and was in so much pain) It was now 11:00 at night and I was in a good amount of pain but I’m stubborn (we got any stubborn women out there, I know I’m not the only one haha) I did not want to go to the hospital not just yet so Travis said ok we’ll give it an hour, if you’re not better I’m taking you. So I said ok so midnight came around and I was in unbearable pain couldn’t even move from where I was. So Travis had to call the ambulance, I didn’t want that either one because I was in my underwear and a tank top (no bra) that’s it and I tried having him change me but could not move and two because they charge a butt load for just one stinkin ride but had no choice so they came in checked me and said they had to take me. The whole time one of the girls kept saying and asking, Are you pregnant? Any chances your pregnant? And I said no not pregnant and chances are very low, we’ve been trying forever and can’t. She was just worried it was another ectopic pregnancy on the other side. So we got there, they got me to a room, doc came in, did tests, all the shabang, hours passed, tons of morphine later they came in and doctor looked at us and nonchalantly said “You’re pregnant!” Travis and I’s neck almost popped from us looking at each other so fast and doc kept going on like nothing. I start crying, Travis looks at the doctor and says “Are you f***ing serious! Docs like yeah serious why and we explained everything and so doc says ok we’ll let me give you guys sometime real fast then I’ll come back in to explain. Travis and I are in total shock, I’m nervous, scared their going to say it’s another ectopic. Still excited as ever just so many feelings knowing my past. Then doctor comes back in and says they need to do MRI cause they think it’s my appendix but they said it could risk the pregnancy. So right away I say nope not doing it then and they gave me consequences if they didn’t do it and they rupture, blah blah but not want to risk pregnancy. I knew either way it was risking it so was going with what i felt was better. I’d like to think it was mommy instincts already. They didn’t do it but said I had to stay in hospital to keep an eye on me. We ended up staying Friday night until Sunday afternoon come to find out with baby growing it was my scar tissue from my ectopic. Did not know that could hurt so bad. But my hcg levels were still rising and all was well so got sent home, had to go back next few days to make sure levels kept rising and they were. We were pregnant!! Wasn’t the most ideal way of finding out but who cares right, I’m pregnant! With absolutely no trying, no fertility meds or fertility treatments, NOTHING!! Just all in God’s hands and on his time!! And a praying mama. Mom’s prayers are the best!! Besides thanking God, deep down I was so nervous on how pregnancy was going to be, if I’d have complications due to all my previous issues!!

How did you find out you were pregnant, comment below, would love to hear other stories!!

2 thoughts on “Infertility Journey: Part 3/ Final- Finding out we were PREGNANT!!

  1. Whitne Howard

    First off your story amazes me!!

    Steve and I tried for 4 years. We tried fertility meds for a year with no luck. So we scheduled last The day came when I had to go to my appointment and realized that I hadn’t gotten my period so we couldn’t continue with
    the tests and they did a test on me there the hospital and sure enough I was pregnant. We didn’t use any fertility drugs nothing like you said it’s all in God’s time and when he wants it to happen not ours. And like you the first 5 months was complete torture for me but Max is seriously the best blessing I could have ever asked for and I’m so grateful to be his mommy. I think God puts us through a lot of trials to test our faith and we should always be grateful for a god like that just knowing that he’s there and looking out for us. He wants to be so happy and I think he does things like this to show us how great he really is!

    1. mommyatlast Post author

      This is amazing girl!!! i never really heard your story and how it happened just knew your were pregnant and i couldn’t have more excited for you!!! i just knew we were both trying so so hard and then finally God blessed us!!! And yes without a doubt it does it to remind us “hey guys i’m here.. trust in me and when you do good things will come to you!” Thank God for our lil sweet and HANDSOME can’t forget that amazing lil angel boys!!!! We are both testimonies of God!!! Thank you for commenting and glad you will be following me on this journey!! 🙂 God Bless you and your sweet lil family!!!


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