Infertility Journey: Part 2- Finding out I have PCOS & start of baby making

Some of you may be familiar with PCOS, some of you may not be so PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) is a hormonal disorder causing enlarged ovaries with cysts on the outer edges. Some symptoms are menstrual irregularity, acne & infertility are just a few I have. As you can see infertility is a symptom so therefore finding out I had it just added on to it being that much harder to conceive. PCOS and a missing fallopian tube is definitely not a good combo to get pregnant.

My husband and I wanted to start trying to get pregnant. 6 months down the road nothing was happening so we went to the doctor they said has to be at least a year of trying before they can intervene. So off we went and then another 6 months went by and still nothing. Back to the doctor we went and they started exams, tests, ultrasounds and blood works.. that’s when they saw the cysts. Was definitely not the news we wanted be we thought now that we know maybe just maybe there’s something they can do, WRONG! They pretty much said it’s something you have to deal with. That’s when they said fertility treatments was pretty much our only option. Hubby and I went home to process everything before making any decisions. We discussed and felt we would start saving up and try some treatments. And if any of you mommas went through fertility treatments, you all know it’s a pretty penny for them. So that’s what we did started saving up. Meanwhile they gave me clomid and provera to get my cycle regulated and try and help me ovulate on my own. Clomid first off is not the most pleasant thing to be on. Anyone agree with me?? Mood swings worse then i already had, LOL no joke though, you know we’re girls we have mood swings then you add something that emphasizes them… eek!! I’m surprised I still have a hubby! LoL such a trooper through it! Hot flashes had e feeling like I was bi polar with temperature. Let’s just end talking about clomid by saying I was on it for a little over 3 an a half years straight. Umm yeah I know right, that long dealing with these such fun symptoms. My hubby deserves a trophy without a doubt. 3 an a half years on it and nothing came from it. We then started discussing bigger fertility procedures and IUI was next on the list. On to that procedure we went, let me tell you all if you don’t know, most stressful process ever. You have to take special meds beforehand. How many of you hate taking pills?? Yeah me too, that caused added stress, taking so many then having to go to the doc all the time for ultrasounds to see when the time was right for the procedure. If you didn’t produce a follicle big enough had to wait until next month, that had happen to us once or twice. But if we did have a follicle big enough on to the procedure, which wasn’t the most comfy one. Then what seemed the worse to me was “The Wait,” after 2 weeks. It literally seemed like 10 years too long, No Joke! Then to top it off after that LONG wait to get a negative pregnancy test was so heartbreaking. Anyways we had 5 IUI’s total none took. My husband and I were feeling beat down. And we noticed even the doctors were as well, we even had them tell us they didn’t know what to do with me. To hear that from the doctors totally brought us down. We were already at 5 years of trying so we decided to stop. We weren’t giving up either, don’t take that from this, we just decided to stop trying so hard and to put it all in God’s hands. We knew when God felt it was time for us to be parents he would bless us with one. As hard as it was to stop when that literally was all we did and worried about. We were so beat down, God was our only option, which is the best option but i was so blinded and just wanted it and wanted it NOW!!!! We’re women isn’t that how we are, we want it and we want it now!!! We honestly had in the back of our heads that we would never be parents!!

Any other ladies here deal with having PCOS, comment below, would love to hear if any of these meds or procedures worked for you!?

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