Grayson’s Mickey Mouse Clubhouse 1st Birthday

Even though this wasn’t Grayson’s actual birthday, this day was still so bittersweet.  Bitter, because of course it’s my baby boy’s first birthday party.  Sweet, because honestly, deep down, I wish I was a party planner.  I enjoyed planning and prepping his party.  I started planning 2 months in advance. P interest was, and is, my go to.  How many of you can relate to that?  What did we all do before Pinterest?  Lol!

Theme was Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  Grayson is obsessed with Mickey.  I think most kids are. Lol!

First off, before I get into anything, Grayson had a blast and it showed.  He was all over the place, looking at the pictures, the decorations, and just exploring!!  Made this mama feel good and so worth everything I did, and almost in tears before party cause I didn’t think I was going to have everything set up before people started showing up.

Location: We had it at one of our hotels here in town.  They have like this meeting/party room you can rent out for the day and It worked out perfect!

Walking into the party this is what guests saw.

birthday 9

I set up a little round table next to the door, so while walking into the party, you could grab a set of Mickey or Minnie ears!  With a sign that said “We’ve Got Ears, Say… Cheers! Put on Your Ears!” With one of Grayson’s one year photos framed and the ears laying on the table with 1 red, 1 black and 1 yellow balloon!

birthday 10

Mickey and Minnie Mouse Ears I found on Amazon.

Mickey Mouse Headbands

Canvas: I just purchased at Walmart and used sharpies to write on it and the black stand holding it up I purchased at Hobby Lobby on sale.  Yay for sales! 🙂  Table cover, again another Walmart purchase in the party section.

Next thing you would see looking straight when you walk in is the photo booth area I set up!

birthday 11

Which as you can tell Grayson loved!! 🙂

birthday 13

I put a table right next to the photo background which held the props and just some disposable cameras!

Photo booth background I purchased at Walmart along with the disposable cameras.  As for the props I purchased on Amazon.

Minnie Mouse Photo Booth Props

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Photo Booth Props

Then, going to your left when walking in was where I set up the tables with food and tables to eat!  This is where I had a little bit of fun decorating and setting up!

Cake Table

birthday 14

birthday 15

As for what’s hanging up, I just hung up a black table cover to cover the color of the wall just to help with the theme of everything.  On top of the black table cover, I used some red string that I purchased at Hobby Lobby and hung Grayson’s Monthly photos that I took every month on his month mark, and hung them with some clips that I got a whole bag for at Walmart and just used a black sharpie to color them.  Then as for what’s on the table, I made these yellow boards that I got at Walmart.  “A Year of Firsts.”  I had pictures of all of his firsts, example of some was first time meeting mom, first time meeting dad, all first holidays, first time sitting up, first 2 teeth, and etc.  Then just added another one year photo on the table in between the two posters.  Stands holding the posters up is exact ones like one holding canvas up walking in.  Then, the cakes setting in front of everything!

The wall next to this wall was where the food table was set up.

birthday 24

birthday 17

We did a Hot Diggity Dog Hot Dog Bar & Clubhouse Sandwiches.

birthday 18

As you can tell I had red solo cups and added little white round stickers to them to make them look as though they are Mickey’s pants.  White round stickers are just the stickers you would use to price stuff for garage sales.  I also had place cards placed around the table to label what stuff was but in a Mickey way.  So for all the utensils I put a place card labeled “Mousekatools.”  As for plates I got black plates and put them in the shape of Mickey’s head and ears.  Silverware are in little boxes that are meant for treat boxes but used to hold our “Mousekatools”  My niece purchased those for me at Dollar Tree!  Then we have all condiments.  Then have the veggies labeled “Daisy’s Garden Veggies.”

birthday 25

birthday 19

Sandwiches we bought from our Walmart Deli.  We got an awesome deal for 6 ft. and has a load ton of meat and cheeses with veggies and condiments on the side!

birthday 26

Buns for the hot dogs, along with another one year photo of Grayson and some balloons!

birthday 16

Next we have “Donald’s Chips & Dip”.  The trays and bowls that I am using here are from Hobby Lobby and are all paper.  They worked perfectly and got for a great price.  We have “Pluto’s Pretzel’s,” & “Mickey’s M & M’s” in those awesome treat boxes again.

birthday 76

Then, behind is the best thing ever!  This awesome one year milestone board, which I absolutely love and totally was a hit.  I purchased this at Custom Printables NY

Etsy Shop- Custom Printables NY

Instagram page- Custom Printables NY

Facebook page- Custom Printables NY

And, I have an awesome discount code for you, if you are interested in purchasing one for your little one.  I would highly recommend it.  We ordered it the night before and had a sample sent to us the next day to be approved, and then gave the ok.  We also had her send it to Walgreens to be printed, and she contacted us letting us know when it’d be ready and we just went and picked up at our Walgreens!  It was quick, easy, and totally worth it!

Discount Code- MommyAtLast10 You get 10% off a min purchase of $9 and expires June 10th, 2016, due to she will be closing shop for awhile to welcome their new baby.  So, get your order in before it’s too late.

For sitting area, here is how I set up the tables.

birthday 22

birthday 21

birthday 77

Red Table covers that I purchased at Walmart and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Table Decorations that I got at Walmart as well.  Added some little clear bowls with some M&M’s for color and to snack on.  Also, added these place cards that read Taking pictures?  #GraysonsClubhouse on Instagram & Facebook!!

Grayson’s High Chair Area

birthday 20

First thing I did was put a black table cover on the wall behind, then added yellow and red streamer twisted all the way across.  As for the high chair, I used 2 table covers and draped the red cover over the bottom half, then draped the black cover over top half and added two plates turned backwards, and taped to the red cover.  And there’s his Mickey Mouse High Chair!

birthday 29

Now it was time to eat!!

birthday 32

birthday 30

birthday 37

birthday 36

birthday 60

Next was time to open all the gifts from everyone.

birthday 78

birthday 79

birthday 80

birthday 35

birthday 34

birthday 81

birthday 82

birthday 83

The best part of the party, I think for him, and definitely for mom and dad, cake time!  This was Grayson’s first time to try chocolate and sugar.  And, you’ll see how much he loved it!

birthday 56

birthday 45

birthday 46

birthday 50

birthday 48

birthday 47

birthday 55

birthday 54

birthday 53

birthday 57

birthday 65

birthday 66

birthday 64

birthday 68

birthday 61

Then, this was him trying ice cream for the first time.  Wasn’t a fan of it!

birthday 62

birthday 59

On to Pinata Time!  By this time, most of the kids had gone because we forgot about the pinata!  So, some of the kids that were left got to have TONS of candy lol, I bet their parents love us for that.

As for the Pinata, my mom made it.  She has made our other son Gabriels every year and she will every year for Grayson.  This one she did, Toodles from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  Grayson loved it so much we decided to just empty it and not hit so we could keep it.  It’s hanging in Grayson’s room right now.  But, we did let Grayson have a couple hits at it.

birthday 69

birthday 8

birthday 70

birthday 71

birthday 72

birthday 73

birthday 74

birthday 75

Grayson had a blast and so much fun with all his little friends and cousins.

birthday 44

birthday 43

birthday 42

birthday 41

birthday 38

birthday 39

birthday 2

birthday 6

And there you have it!!  Grayson’s First Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Birthday Party.  Thank you to everyone who took the time out of their day to come celebrate this little sweeties first birthday.  Even when it decides to snow and give us some cold bad weather.  I know he will remember this forever.  If not, I think mama took enough photos to remind him of how fun it was and all the special people in his life.  Thank you for all the amazing gifts from everyone as well.  It was awesome of all of you.  Also, this mama had fun planning and organizing and prepping for it.  Even though last minute decorating had me a little nervous, that I wouldn’t be done or how I wanted it, but it all worked out, and I could tell he enjoyed it and had so much fun.  That right there is all that truly matters.  Here’s to start planning for the next one lord willing!







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