Easter Weekend Recap

I hope you had a great Easter weekend, because I know we sure did.  Let’s start off with the weather. Here in Nebraska, you never know what to expect.  A couple of days before Easter we got some snow, and the day before that we were outside in shorts and a t-shirt, so if that tells you anything.  Luckily, it cleared up and was not enough to stick around for Easter.  But, being born and raised here, you kind of just get used to it.

Anyways, we actually celebrated Easter twice this year.  Yep, that’s right, twice this year.  Gabriel, my step son, got to town and got to stay with us the Friday before until Saturday night.  Friday night we started our Easter celebration and the boys took a bath with glow sticks inside of plastic eggs and with the light off!  They thought that was the coolest thing ever and honestly it was pretty cool, I was jealous.

Easter 14

Therefore, our Easter morning was Saturday morning.  Luckily, Grayson is too young right now to know the difference.  Also, while the boys were sleeping, the “Easter bunny” set stuff up.  He left a trail of plastic eggs down the hallway to all the goodies that were left.  It took forever getting Grayson down the hallway because he wanted to literally open every egg along the way.  Big Brother was getting antsy because we said he had to wait for baby brother.  He kept saying, “come on Grayson, come on!”  Lol!

Easter 18 Easter 19 Easter 20 Easter 17

When they finally made it, they were both excited.  Grayson went for his talking Mickey Mouse and Gabriel went for his candy.  Of course, you can tell the age difference there.  Lol!  But, I should say Grayson was excited for his puffs and lil crunchies.  He knows what they are by the package.  And the Easter bunny was so kind to give him both.

Easter 16

Easter 21  Easter 22 Easter 24 Easter 25 Easter 28 Easter 27

Easter 29

While the boys played with all their goodies and treats, Daddy and I made breakfast for them.  Gabriel had an Easter bunny pancake with eggs and fruit.  Grayson had egg shaped baby pancakes, eggs and bananas.

Easter 8

After breakfast, we all sat down for storytime and read the new Easter books that came in their baskets.

Easter 30

Then, for lunch, we had family over.  We had a mexican lunch.  We had hot dogs, my mom’s beans, rice, and tortillas. It’s what Gabriel wanted.  It doesn’t go together, but hey, it all tasted delish!  After lunch, we took the boys to the mall to see and get pictures with the Easter bunny.  Grayson did good, sat on his lap, and just kept looking up at him.  No crying though!  This little boy is fearless.

Easter bunny Easter 9

Then, we came back to the house and dyed Easter eggs, ate candy, and played until big brother had to leave.

Come Easter morning, we woke up and the hubby had got no sleep due to sickness.  So, we decided to not go to church.  He was coughing horrible so we didn’t think it’d be good spreading his sickness or hacking during service.  I know Easter is when you should go to church, but we go most Sunday’s unless something is wrong with Grayson.  As long as we know why we are celebrating this special day.

Every year we go to my granny’s for food and an egg hunt so we debated on attending that.  For it being Grayson’s first Easter we decided to go.  Shout out to my husband for being a trooper and toughing it out for his son.  We ended up having it at my aunt’s house. Tons and tons of yummy food and treats.

Easter 7 Easter 6 Easter 10 Easter 5 Easter 1  Easter 4 Easter 2 Easter 3

Easter 13Easter 12

Grayson was having so much fun getting so much attention and going from arm to arm, playing with his cousins, and hanging out with his Nana and Tata.

Easter 11

My favorite part was that it was my sons first, being with family and celebrating that, He is Risen!  It was such a wonderful weekend.

What were some of your highlights of your Easter weekend?

What are some of your family Easter traditions?

9 thoughts on “Easter Weekend Recap

  1. Sarah

    I love that you included your step-son in everything. I’m a step-mom too, and loving another woman’s boy can occasionally be a tough job.

    Your family is beautiful!

    1. mommyatlast Post author

      Ahhhhh absolutely I love that lil boy just like my own. I have been around him and helped raise him since he was 5 months old and he is now 7. I love him dearly and I feel blessed that God blessed me with not only his dad but him as well. I say its my 2 for 1 package! Wouldn’t change it for a thing.
      Take care and God bless!

  2. Shann Eva

    Awe. It looked like your boys had a wonderful Easter. I love the trail of eggs! So nice that your Stepson got to spend time with you on the holiday too.

    1. mommyatlast Post author

      Thank you so much Shann Eva! Wasn’t that cute, the trail of eggs! They loved it! Absolutely we love when we have him for the holidays just livens up the house that much more! And he is a great big brother!! 🙂
      Take care and God bless!

  3. Melissa

    What a fun celebration! We had two Easters so my stepdaughters could be a part of it too! My son isn’t old enough to notice either and it makes including everyone without hurt feelings so much easier. It’s not about the date on the calendar- it’s about the time together 🙂

  4. Cassandra

    looks like such a fun Easter celebration! So glad you had such a lovely weekend! My husband and I got a day off after long work weeks and moving so our Easter was wonderful as well.

  5. Catherine Short

    I grew up in Chicago so I am well versed in the unpredictable Easter weather. Most years I remember thinking the concept of an “Easter outfit” not practical as it usually felt so much like winter!!

    We didn’t grow up with family around so our Easters were pretty low-key. We’d attend church and having a special lunch. My mom would have some candy for us but not full on baskets.


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