About Me

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Me- I’m Valarie. I am a 27 year young woman, who lives in a small town in Nebraska. I am living the dream as a stay at home mom to my miracle baby boy. My husband is an It Director for a huge company. I am too blessed to be stressed because I serve an awesome God.

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Family- I am married to an amazing man named Travis. We have 2 anniversaries. Which I am not complaining about. Double the gifts! (October 14, 2009 & March 25, 2010) We struggled with infertility but God blessed us and has continued to do so.


Grayson Michael – This God sent, miracle baby boy has forever changed our lives from even before we knew we were pregnant. He entered this crazy thing we call life on May 4, 2015. Yes, “May the force be with you.” This little boy is what we longed for more than anything. He got the best parts of each one of us. We could say he is the perfect mixture of us. Maybe a little more so of daddy’s mini me but he got mama’s personality and eyes! Don’t ask if that’s a good or bad thing having mama’s personality/attitude. Haha! He is a very smart, outgoing, beautiful and fun little boy. i don’t know how life was without him.


Gabriel Matilde- This young boy is my stepson. I do not like using the term step because for all purposes he is my son. I have been in Gabriel’s life since he was 5 months old. He is now 7 years old. He is such a smart, talented little boy. The things he has said and does say is just beyond smart. Some of the things I don’t even know. He is growing into a handsome little boy like his daddy. I was blessed with a child through marriage and I am forever grateful for that. He has taught me so much. Love him like my own.


Why blog… This blog is to give hope to others struggling with infertility and show of God’s miracles. Our son, and our story is a testimony of God. Also as a stay at home mom to let other mama’s know their not alone. I have become more passionate about writing. This is where I get to express my feelings about love, faith, family and motherhood for all of you. Plus everything in between. There’s never a dwell moment and I love it.


Favorites – Coffee / Green Tea / Music / God / Dancing / Clothes / Fashion / Anything sweet / Tattoos / HGTV / Food Network / Keeping up with the Kardashians / Teen Mom / Flip or Flop / Chinese Food / Selfies/ Summer / Organizing / Birthday planning / Dressing my son /


May not know about me –

  • I hate crust on bread
  • I have a full sleeve tattoo and more spread our/ more to come
  • I hate snow
  • I have OCD tendencies
  • I love to label stuff
  • I was a cheerleader in high school
  • I have 5 siblings
  • I love my Erin Condren Planner