1 Year Old Update

My little boy is one year old.  I cannot even believe it.  It makes me so sad, but happy at the same time, because I can see how much he is changing, growing, and learning.

1 year update 7

Grayson is such a sweet, loving, outgoing, and loud little boy.  He truly loves everyone. He wants everyone and anyone to hold him.  For example, when the pest control guy came over to take care of our ant situation, he loved him and wanted him to hold him.  Also, whenever we are in Walmart, or just even a place with a lot of people, Grayson puts his arms out to anybody walking by to hold him.  Haha!  At times, it scares me cause I would hate for him to go with just anyone, even though I’m always with him.  When he gets older, trust me, he’ll know stranger danger.  Anyways, for the most part he is such a happy boy, always smiling and laughing.

1 year update 5

So, when we went to his one year well check, his doctor was shocked and amazed at his measurements.  First off, his doctor said he is measuring as big as a 20 month old.  With that being said, he weighs 25.8 lbs. and is 33 inches LONG.  Yep, that’s right, we have a little giant on our hands.

He is still wearing 24 month clothing and size 6-7 shoes.  I know right, his feet are big but he is a tall boy.  Has to hold him up.

Grayson has 7 teeth and one trying to come on out.

1 year update 4

As for walking, let’s not even go there.  This little boy is a crazy man when it comes to walking.  Haha!  He doesn’t pay attention most of the time and runs into the wall, door, or anything in front of him at the time.  Luckily, he is such a tough lil guy and just looks around, gets up, and goes on his way.  Well at least for the most part, sometimes he’ll have a meltdown about it.

He is still very daring, if not more daring then he was.  He now tries climbing on EVERYTHING and anything.  He is now starting to run, especially when he sees the fridge or a cabinet open.  Loves to get in those for sure.

1 year update 2

Favorite Foods: Blackberries, Raspberries, Broccoli, and meatballs.  He did try chocolate and sugar for the first time at his first birthday party.  Head over to Grayson’s Mickey Mouse Clubhouse 1st Birthday to see his reaction.  It’s priceless!

birthday 29

Things he says: Elmo, Mom, Dad, Nana, Tata, No, Yes, All done

He also signs “More” and “All done”

Grayson knows how to show us that he is one with holding up his finger.  Also, when singing “5 Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed” when we say “no more monkeys jumping on the bed” he shakes his little finger.  Cutest thing ever.

1 year update 11

We had tried giving him whole milk like a week before he was one, but his acid reflux acted up, and so we waited until his 1 year well check to speak with his doc.  So, for awhile, we did half formula and half whole milk.  Now he is strictly whole milk.  I feel he is still getting use to it.  But, it is a lot better then when we first tried.

1 year update 12

Grayson is now a Brand Rep and Brand Enthusiast for some of the raddest shops on Instagram.  I will be posting some info and pictures from those, so be on the lookout for those coming.  Or, feel free to head on over to his Instagram page and show some love, support him, or just follow to see some amazing, stinkin cute pictures of him on the daily.  Here is his Instagram page, _graysonmichael

1 year update

Some things Grayson is loving at the time is his water mat we purchased at Walmart for an awesome price and he absolutely loves it.  Mom and Dad think it’s pretty awesome as well.

1 year update 8

Another thing Grayson is loving is of course being outside and at the park.  Any day that it is beautiful out and the sun is shining bright, then we are outside in the yard or we go to the park for hours.  I think we both our enjoying the beautiful weather. Mama loves it so much better then cold snow.  Lol!

1 year update 10

1 year update 9


Overview of products we have and are still loving.  Still loving our Aquaphor Butt Cream, Sippy Cup with a straw, and Teething Tablets are God sent still.

Toys he has loved and still loving are of course his stuffed animals, he is obsessed with stuffed animals, balls, and books!

That’s about it… can you tell Grayson has been a busy boy?  Between playing and having fun, and being a little model and brand repping for some amazing little shops…this little boy is growing up too fast for this mama!

1 year update 13



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